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askCUE PI - The Story So Far

Posted 12 August 2015 by Donna Scully

AskCUE PI is a good example of claimants & insurers working together to combat fraud.  The efforts put in by Claimant representatives to achieve access to the system meant that we were all excited for the system to go live & looking forward to a slick process that would help to weed out fraudsters. After all, it took nearly 4 years to negotiate.

Implementation of the process has not reflected the good work of claimants and insurers in developing the system.  On the day that I sat down to write this article, the AskCUEPI system was down - again.

In the first few weeks there have been issues with the site crashing and running slow which does disrupt our normal processes, but it’s understandable that there will be issues at the start. Notifications of disruptions and efforts to resolve are emailed out to registered administrators which helps operationally. We are sure that as the system settles down that these disruptions will lessen, and it’s hoped that the increase traffic to the site will result in modifications being made so that the site can cope better.

Once it’s explained why it is necessary , claimants have not been perturbed by the searches being carried out. Fraud checks are common place with insurance companies, and this search is an extension of that, helping claimant representatives identify possible issues early on. 

The fight against fraud has never been one-sided, despite what insurers may believe. The AskCUE PI system is a very long awaited and valuable tool to add to the resources that we already utilise.

The database is not 100% and also the search uses the address provided, which may have changed during the 5 year period searched.

Fraudsters are becoming ever more sophisticated and so we need to continue with discussions on how we can expand AskCUEPI  even further sooner rather than later.

The big problem is that when the system fails, the whole process grinds to a halt.  The overwhelming majority of claimants are genuine, but they suffer delay in their claims.  Notification to the insurer is also delayed, and the claims process – which we all want streamlined – is elongated.

MASS lobbied for a contingency in the event of system failure, but none has been put in place.  When AskCUE PI fails, which is inevitable from time to time, claimants and insurers suffer alike.  We need an alternative that means claims can still be pursued efficiently, and that does not increase costs.  Perhaps the insurers could perform the search.

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