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Responding to the Publication of the Prison and Courts Reform Bill and the MoJ's Consultation Response

Posted 23 February 2017 by Donna Scully

Responding to the publication today (23 February 2017) of the Government’s Prisons and Courts Bill and the MoJ’s response to the consultation on the whiplash and soft tissue injury claims process, Donna Scully, Managing Director at Carpenters, said:

“Despite the many warnings of the likely consequences, the Ministry of Justice has chosen to proceed with a programme of reforms that will do little to protect honest motor customers and tackle fraudulent claims. It appears more to do with removing legal representation from the process. 

By effectively deregulating the legal market around motor accidents, which will still happen in their hundreds of thousands, compulsory motor premium customers will be forced into the hands of unscrupulous claims farmers and others.

The decision not to focus on other areas of the claims process where there is already abuse, such as credit hire and rehabilitation, means that costs will continue to be high and claims numbers are unlikely to reduce.

The proposals will create a twin track for justice, where motor accident injuries are treated inequitably with other comparable injuries. This is simply not justice. There are many serious issues and implications of the reforms announced today and we will continue to campaign for the legal rights of injured and non-injured motor accident customers over the coming months."

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