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Carpenters Group #RucksackAppeal 2018

Posted 05 November 2018 by Tina Hughes

Carpenters Group will once again be taking part in the annual #RucksackAppeal. This will be our third year of taking part and we plan on this being our biggest yet! Each year we buy a number of rucksacks which we send out to our teams across all offices, for them to fill as much as possible. We have bought 40 rucksacks this year and hope to fill them all! We are giving teams the following shopping lists:




Food items:

Other items:

New underwear

New socks

Hat, scarves & gloves


Sleeping bag

Small pop up tent

Toothbrush & toothpaste

Shower gel

Deodorant/ Wipes

Hairbrush/ Comb

Sanitary items

Lip balm



Toilet bag

Chocolate/ sweets


Cereal bars

Packet soups


Other non-perishable snacks

Food voucher

Small gift

Christmas card



Water bottle

Tobacco, papers & lighter


As we have offices across the country the rucksacks in each office will be distributed to different homeless charities:

Liverpool offices: Tithebarn and Chapel Street rucksacks will be given to Fans Supporting Foodbanks

Birkenhead Offices: Leonard House and Priory rucksacks will be given to Charles Thompson Mission

Leeds Office: Rucksacks will be given to Leeds North and West Foodbank

Haywards Heath Office: Rucksacks will be given to Crawley Open House

Glasgow Office: Rucksacks will be given to Glasgow City Centre Foodbank


If you or your company would like to take part in this year’s #RucksackAppeal but you are unsure of where to start, then please get in touch and we will give you as much information as we can. Send us a message on Twitter (@CarpentersGroup) or drop us an email (Tina – chrh@carpenters-law.co.uk) and join us in the #RucksackAppeal!


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