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Carpenters Supplement with Modern Insurance Magazine

Posted 03 August 2018 by Christina Hughes

You can read our full supplement with Modern Insurance here.

Supplement contents:


- Carpenters Group interview with Donna Scully, Donna Richards, Alan Hayes, Karen Campbell and Angeline Betts-Derbyshire. After undergoing our recent decision to re-brand as Carpenters Group, Modern Insurance spoke with our executive board about our new profile, the next steps and how Carpenters Group will continue to thrive and grow. 

- Donna Richards, CEO, looks at Carpenters Group's company culture and how it is influencing the company's growth. She also discusses diversity, skill sets and the investment in people and how the wider cultural changes are being reflected by Carpenters Group. 

- Karen Campbell, Chief Information Officer, and Sam Nicholson, Head of Insurance Services, address the claims process as well as how Carpenters Group's Insurance Solutions Services are helping to banish the negative perceptions associated with claims management in the insurance industry. 

- Alan Hayes, Chief Legal Officer, discusses legal services and what factors are influencing the challenges and opportunities currently facing them. 

- Donna Scully, Director, discusses the potential effects of the whiplash reforms and how the insurance industry should prepare against claims management companies. 


- Choices throughout the Digital Customer Journey.

Carpenters Group's use of technology currently enables them to provide a safe and GDPR compliant communication exchange between them and suppliers. However, the changing face of the insurance world means they will be using technology in a smarter way to assist with improving the customer journey, their visibility and speed. 

- The Customer is Key

At Carpenters Group we help thousands of injured people every year. We help them get the right treatment and rehabilitation, the right compensation they are justly entitled to and we try and help them achieve peace of mind by ensuring we take the stress out of the claims process for them. We understand that no two cases are ever the same, that's why we offer a flexible solution to our customers, with everything they may need for their individual claim. We are dedicated to providing help to every customer and we pride ourselves on delivering a first class customer experience. Hear from Mark Bratherton, Head of Technical and Defence Litigation, Maria Rodman, Head of Risk and Compliance and Richard Norbury, Head of Quality Assurance. 

- Carpenters Group Scottish Growth Drive

Case Study

- Customer Care is at the Heart of our Business

Carpenters Group outline a recent case study, illustrating their efficient and effective claims handling as well as putting the claimant at the forefront. 

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