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N.B. calls to numbers pre-fixed 0844 are not free*

Race for Life 2017

Our Story

Carpenters started taking part in Race for Life in 2002 and we have participated every year since. I have taken part every year but one year I managed to run both Aintree and Birkenhead with the team so I’ve taken part in 15 and have a drawer full of medals to prove it.

Cancer has touched almost all of us and will continue to. Breast cancer is a big threat for women and, with the help of research and advances in treatment, the chances of recovery now are much higher than they used to be. That’s what fundraising does, it saves lives that would otherwise be lost.

Race for Life is a very special event. As a woman it empowers you to help each other, to show what teamwork and commitment can do. It is fun and it raises a lot of money at the same time. It is great to see the ‘survivors’ running alongside you and it is very sad to read the messages on the backs of the people who have lost family and friends to cancer but we support each other on that day.

We will continue to participate in Race for Life as long as Carpenters is here and as long as the events take place. It is a huge part of our fundraising calendar and we know that….together we can beat cancer.

Donna Scully
Managing Director, Carpenters

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